How to Choose Best Online Ludo Game

Ludo is one of the most played and oldest board games in history. It is an interesting indoor game played by thousands of people with their loved ones. The board is divided into 4 parts and dice are used by players on their turn there are 4 tokens for each player and their target is to take all 4 tokens in the finish area first to win the game.

Nowadays people are busy with their work and don't give time to their family and friends but the pandemic covid 19 caged people inside their house and the bond between families and friends became strong again by playing games like ludo with them.


As the technology is rising day by day some gaming companies have launched Ludo Game to play on smartphones, laptops, tablets etc. Moreover, you can earn money by playing ludo online with random players and these apps have some exciting deals and offer for you so the more you play more you win.


These days online ludo apps are getting popular but you should be aware of scammers because some fraud apps take your money and don't give you any benefit no matter whether you win or lose list of Top Online Ludo Games. 

Here is the list of top online Ludo games:-

1.   EWar Games: Ludo Earning App

EWar Games is the best app to play Ludo online players have earned up to rs 1000 from this app. You can play free tournaments and earn money without investment and the best thing is that your earned money will be directly deposited into your registered UPI account. You can earn rs 500 on each refer and rs 60 when you sign up for the game. 

2.   Ludo Empire

Ludo Empire is among the most trusted app for earning money by playing Ludo. This app has been tested by many peoples and many of them earned up to rs 20,000 from Ludo Empire. People prefer Ludo Empire because of the counter mode in this game in the counter mode you just need to take 2 tokens at home and you will win. In this mode, the game ends soon and you can save your time.


  Refer and earn: rs20 +2% on each game your referral plays.

  Sign up bonus: rs10

3.   Ludo Fantasy 

Ludo Fantasy is a new Ludo Money earning app. In this app, you can play both 2 or 4 players games and the minimum entry fee is rs10 which is the lowest fee in all the mentioned apps in this list. Like Ludo Empire counter mode Ludo Fantasy also have a quick mode in which you have to take 2 tokens at home first and you can win the game and save your time. The bonus you will earn when you sign up in Ludo Fantasy is rs20 and rs1 on each game your referral plays. 

4.   MPL 

There are no words to describe this app MPL not only in India but is popular internationally and not only do people play Ludo on it but there are many other games to play and earn real money. MPL is being advertised by Virat Kohli for years now so there is no fraud and it is the most trusted app in the world. This app also has the lowest entry fee of rs1 to participate in the game.


  Sign up bonus: rs50

  Refer and earn: up to rs75 per referral

  Payment methods: Paytm Wallet, UPI 

5.   Ludo Supreme Gold 

Ludo Supreme Gold is the best app to earn money while playing Ludo. The best feature is that you can play free tournaments and earn money but there are a few free contests so you have to wait for them for a long time. But you can use your sign up bonus to join a tournament because the sign-up reward will be directly deposited into your account. You can withdraw up to rs1 from this app and the sign-up bonus is rs15 which you will get after signing in the game. The referral bonus is rs20 on each refer.

6.   Ludo Ninja

 Ludo Ninja is a unique game from others because the user interface and gameplay are much different from other apps here. If you are a beginner and want to learn how to play Ludo Fantasy and want to earn money while playing Ludo then Ludo Ninja is the best option for you. You will be able to see all the numbers that you and your opponents get so that you can plan how to win the game.

Therefore, you can easily withdraw your earned money by your registered UPI account and the minimum withdrawal limit is rs1. You will feel happy after signing up for this app because the sign-up bonus is rs100 and you can use this money to participate in contests.